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Truly Stunning Nursery Essentials! British Luxury - Now Proudly in America

Baby Blankets

Our new range of beautiful baby baby blankets are incredibly soft and naturally hypoallergenic. Our Bamboo blanket range has so many benefits including how sustainable bamboo is as an alternative to cotton. These blankets are 6 layers of gorgeously soft bamboo with the choice of 8 of our stunning, hand-drawn designs.

The unique weave of our Cellular blanket (called Cellular due to the holes that look like cells) means that air can move through the fibers and warm air stays between the layers. In the summer, the lightweight cotton fibers are breathable and will keep the breeze away without overheating. These have been a mainstay in British hospital delivery wards for decades. Made in the UK by a family-owned British organic certified factory who make these beautiful blankets - using re-spun organic cotton cutoffs. This means zero waste goes to the landfill and every inch of their beautiful organic cotton is used. These blankets are simply beautiful and such a unique gift for baby!

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